Thursday, April 30, 2009

You can never have enough storage!

I was in one of my favorite local stores here in New Jersey picking out plates and napkins for my daughter's birthday party and saw this adorable toy storage bin by 3 Sprouts. If I had not gone crazy at the Hable Construction sample sale last year on this type of thing, I would snatch this up immediately. It is a great size, not too-cute design and who can beat the price $40! 

3 Sprouts Organic Cotton Canvas with Felt Applique Storage Bin (Brown Owl), $40.  Available at Cambridge Street Papers

Plover Organic Bedding

My sister just reminded me about of this line of organic bedding, Plover Organic, that I had seen in Elle Decor (January/February 2009) and thought about for the girls' room but I had forgotten about it. I recently saw the bedding in a store and went back online to check it out more. The Spring/Summer 2009 line is so pretty and different color combinations. If you haven't seen, take a look and in the spirit of the recession, maybe get some sale items from Spring 2008.

Fall/Winter 2008: Lilac Crescent (pattern I was thinking for girls' room)

Spring/Summer 2009: Cartouche/Teal Confetti

Fall/Winter 2008 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Saltwater Sandals

Have I been living under a rock or have these just resurfaced? I have never seen this brand before this spring and now am seeing it everywhere. Love the flowered ones, but I am too practical and will get my youngest the white ones. has the largest selection I have seen, click here to see them all!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peek...Aren't You Curious

Peek store, originally uploaded by Peek...Aren't You Curious.

I had visited Peek's online store and loved the clothing, but was most struck by the story in Company Information section. I was lucky enough to speak with Amy Williams, one of the founders yesterday, and she shared with us more about the company and some photographs. As I have never been in one of the stores, it made me want to hop on a plane to L.A. immediately. As an internet shopper, this is one store where I might have to make an exception and visit---as the photos and displays could easily make it mine (and my kids') new favorite place.

Spring Footwear

This spring, I have struggled with finding the right shoes to take my girls from late winter to spring/summer. For the baby, all of the "first walkers" are so embellished and most are in horrible shades of pink that I just could not bear to buy her any pair and just went straight for the warm-weather shoe and bought them a little bigger and had her wear them with socks in March. Here is the shoe I settled on from Jacadi and it has worn well and does go with everything. I contemplated the raspberry as it is such a pretty color, but went for the saferbeige. 

Now for the older girls, I again ran into the same issue of just a lot of over-embellished and metallic-colored sneakers with dangling gems that I just couldn't say "yes" to, even though they were dying for them. I was looking for something plain, that could go with pants and skirts, could be worn on the playground and could make it through summer. The Geox were the happy medium---they liked them and I thought they were fine, but they were completely sold out. So, I gave them one option: Superga. I had thought just get white, but when you see the colors and even a few of the patterns, it makes it hard to decide. In the end, we have ended up with a pink and a navy pair, and the girls love the velcro and I love the way they look.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Favorite Stripes!

Look at all of these fun stripes for spring! I have always been told to avoid stripes as they are unflattering, but that is what is fun about dressing children---those "rules" don't apply! Here is a stripe for every occasion!

Kids' Picks: Spring Dress

I thought I would try the exercise of letting my girls pick a dress and see how far off it would be from my choice. We went to one of my favorite children's clothing sites,, and I opened their dresses+skirts page, letting the girls scroll through and make their selection. I was actually quite impressed! 

Here is what they chose:

Anna, 6: "I can wear it to gym and I like it because the colors are not too girly."

Courtney, 4: "I like the color yellow and the leggings and the dress."

Lilly Pulitzer's 50th Anniversary Jubilee Collection

I just received the Lilly Pulitzer's 50th  Jubilee Collection catalog in the mail and think they did such a good job. If you haven't seen it, they had nine celebrity designers who are moms (Gwyneth Paltrow, Marcia Cross, Bridget Moynahan, Catherine Bell, Debra Messing, Elisabeth Hasselback, Brooke Sheilds, Angie Harmon and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) each create a look for women and their "minnies." 

I selected a few of my favorites below:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Olive Juice = I Love You

I think this is the cutest dress, photo, little girl! 

Olive Juice Sunshine Dress, $49.50. Available at

Belated Baby Gift

I have been running behind on baby gifts...I mean really behind. So my new favorite thing to give is just in time for the newborn's 1st birthday! These tees are so soft and the print so subtle and pretty. I had seen it in the blue but just discovered it in pink too! Next baby girl is definitely getting one!

Lucky Fish Wave Baby Burnout Tee, $46. Available at