Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Footwear

This spring, I have struggled with finding the right shoes to take my girls from late winter to spring/summer. For the baby, all of the "first walkers" are so embellished and most are in horrible shades of pink that I just could not bear to buy her any pair and just went straight for the warm-weather shoe and bought them a little bigger and had her wear them with socks in March. Here is the shoe I settled on from Jacadi and it has worn well and does go with everything. I contemplated the raspberry as it is such a pretty color, but went for the saferbeige. 

Now for the older girls, I again ran into the same issue of just a lot of over-embellished and metallic-colored sneakers with dangling gems that I just couldn't say "yes" to, even though they were dying for them. I was looking for something plain, that could go with pants and skirts, could be worn on the playground and could make it through summer. The Geox were the happy medium---they liked them and I thought they were fine, but they were completely sold out. So, I gave them one option: Superga. I had thought just get white, but when you see the colors and even a few of the patterns, it makes it hard to decide. In the end, we have ended up with a pink and a navy pair, and the girls love the velcro and I love the way they look.

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