Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Toys in the House

With holidays around the corner, Hadley and Holly share their SURE-THING toys in their house. Tell us yours.

Hadley: Barbie Charm School Princess, $19.97
"It's an obvious one but Barbie. She has staying power like no other. All of my girls, ages 9 to 3, play with them. Along with just the regular 'let's play dolls', they will build her cardboard cars, a bed out of legos or a new wardrobe out of fabric scraps and paper

Holly: Magna-Tiles 32 Piece Set, $59.95
"My boys have played with Magna Tiles almost daily, without fail. The fact they are magnetic makes it easy for our 4-year-old to build some pretty elaborate structures. They mix the tiles with Play mobil and other blocks for the ultimate creations. Lightweight and easy to pick up makes mom happy."