Friday, February 26, 2010

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And don't miss our Spring Trend Report on StrollerTraffic. We had so much fun putting this list together! From The New Green to The Handmade, don't miss the full report!

StrollerTraffic on tada! shop

Holly and I are so happy to have Tara Mandy, founder of the fantastic weekly email that every city mom should be reading, StrollerTraffic, as this week's guest editor. Her site's focus is very specific, moms (and expecting moms!) with kids 0 to 3 years old. And she knows that target well as she is mom to almost-three-year-old Greta and expecting this summer! We asked her to put together her must-have list for the younger set. Its such a great mix.

This is just part of the story....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloomers, A Must

Hadley and I are crazy about bloomers, particularly this spring. There are so many really different styles, colors and prints. Looking for ruffles? Oh, not too fancy? A burst of color? We see them all. One of the most versatile pieces, we like to bloomers on their own with a simple tee, under a dress or as a swimsuit. So many to chose from, so many ways to wear. Here are looks we love. (For more, see our bloomers story on tada! shop and distinct ways to wear them.)

Classic Look. A clean, classic combination with these striking Kayce Hughes floral bloomers, tee with peter pan collar and sweet shoes. We love worn with knee socks or tights for an extra fun, girlie look (a recent style suggestion by friend and owner of Sweet William!)

Peek of Color Look. Have some fun and add a bright pair of bloomers under a dress, like those above from Busy Bees Kids or one of the colorful Pink Chicken diaper covers. One of our stylish mom friends remembers putting her daughter in a blue and green Pink Chicken dress with a hot pink diaper cover. "It finished the outfit and she got LOTS of comments!"

Comfy and Chic Look. These Makie Grey Knit Bloomers are very sweet with their lace trim. Pair with the matching camisole, a pair of red mary janes and a sun hat.

Inspiration. I watched this little one run around freely all summer in her many pairs of bloomers. Very comfy, so cute. Her mom, Boo, created lots of our bloomer looks on tada! shop.

P.S. You can create your own looks with bloomers on our Create a Look Tool. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We are busy baking a cake! Have a happy day with your little loved ones! XOXO

Photograph by Ericka McConnell

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day

If your house is anything like mine, making Valentine's is a whirlwind of construction paper, glitter glue and a slew of crossed out names because that "b" was supposed to be a "d." Every year I say I am going to prep before we start, but will I really ever do this!? I loved this idea from Inchmark, one of the most inspiring blogs. I thought why not try it out. It was easy and the girls I feel like were more involved in the process than they ever have been...with an end result that they are so proud of.

The inspiration...
I am kind of embarrassed to show you ours when they stand next to these!

Our version....

My learnings:
- The girls had so much fun filling up the match boxes with candy. Cut out the paper to wrap the matchboxes while they do that.
- I didn't have double-sided tape so just wrapped them and taped them at the back with normal clear tape, worked just fine.
- We printed some of Inchmark's patterned paper but the pink and orange printed out light yellow so we just had the red (which printed out so nicely). If someone cuts outside the lines, don't throw it out, cut it up into little hearts.
- We got candy hearts which fit 6-7 in each, so if you want to put more, I would get m&ms. I am of the mindset they are getting a lot of candy anyway so the hearts are just fine too.

And on tada! shop, make sure to check out our list of reds, pinks and hearts we are loving for kids this Valentine's Day!