Thursday, June 25, 2009

KOMPAN playgrounds

My son and I are in Seattle this week and have voted the city's playgrounds the best ever.  We are having as much fun exploring the playgrounds as we are seeing the tourist sites.  Most of the equipment is made by KOMPAN, a Danish manufacturer founded by a sculptural artist and child development specialist.  It says a lot that the designs were "originally sold as outdoor sculptures, but children soon discovered the art was more fun to play on."  I am impressed with how many ways there are to play and that they lead kids to be so active (lots of climbing).  Beautiful and environmentally focused, I recommend looking at their offering.  For those in the NYC area, the Bronx Zoo opened an eco-friendly playground with KOMPAN this past April.  A summer sale is ongoing with up to 15% off certain equipment.

KOMPAN Galaxy play equipment for ages 5-12+.  

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