Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sons + Daughters: Rain Gear

Holly and I went to Sons + Daughters, this great little children's store in the East Village today. They have just an amazing assortment of toys as well as unique clothing and so many great options for baby gifts  (their gift wrapping is adorable!). 

I think it must be the week of rain here in the Northeast that inspired me today for my favorites were the wet-weather products!  For a boy or a girl, this IdaT orange rain jacket is bright and cheerful and the giraffes cute but not too cutesy. While it might seem a little expensive for a raincoat, the hood is detachable and it's fleece lined which makes it a great everyday jacket for those cooler days. 

Close-up of the giraffe.

I love the jellies! Someone gave us some for my first daughter and they were the best shoes for rainy summer weather. It is such a welcome change to enjoy watching  your child jumping in a puddle and seeing how happy they are without worrying about their feet being soaking wet! 

Jellies $15. Not available online, call (212) 253-7727 or

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