Saturday, June 13, 2009

These T-Shirts Say It All

All boys love t-shirts.  With three boys of my own, I must admit that I am a wee bit particular about t-shirts.  I am loving the tees from Peek ... Aren't You Curious.  They are clever, comfortable ... and pretty cool, too.  Peek just introduced their 1st Heros Tees for boys and girls (female heros, of course) in honor of "great heros in American history who accomplished amazing feats for the first time."  I am impressed - here are a couple favorites.

John Glen Tee at Peek ... Aren't You Curious $34.  

Jackie Robinson Jersey at Peek ... Aren't You Curious $38.

The entire selection is terrific.  One more t-shirt that we wear at our house and attracts many remarks from 7 year old boys is the Battleship Tee.  Well worth looking and may prompt some fun conversation. 

Battleship Tee at Peek ... Aren't You Curious $28.

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