Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Books about Me

How are the kids doing on their summer journaling?  Here are two suggestions that I promise the kids will love and offer aspects of journaling.  My Book about Me is an oldie but goodie. We love it in our house.  I still have my book (filled out 3 times) which provides a lot of entertainment.  The book is filled with questions about yourself, your house, friends and more.      

My Book about Me by Me, Myself (with help from Dr. Seuss & Roy McKie) $10.17 on Amazon.com. Ages 5-8. 

A page from My Book about Me, way back when.  
Favorite Songs:  Thank God I am a Country Boy + Letter 23.

Another very creative and original option is this Pirate's Log.  My sister found it in a new favorite store in Los Angeles, Yolk.  For older children, with suggestions for how to be a pirate and opportunities to journal.  Particularly "cool", the attached reading light for night time writing.     

Pirate's Log: A Handbook for Aspiring Swashbucklers by Jory John and Gilbert Ford $11.96 on Amazon.com. (Not currently available on Yolk's website).

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