Thursday, July 23, 2009

CPC Designs Lets You Make it All Her Own

For those who like to see all the options, this line is for you! When have you ever been given the chance to select the dress fabric, ribbon, design detail and monogram on your daughter's dress? So preppy and so cute! See what you can create and let us know!                      


  1. I have bought three of these dresses, they wash and wear really well, no ironing!
    I hear next year there will be boys stuff to match.
    Paige (Philadelphia)

  2. They are adorable dresses and I can't wait to put my little girl in more CPC originals!

  3. I bought a dress as a gift for my friend's daughter and she loved it. What I loved was the ability to pick my own color combinations for her. Lime Green and Purple! So cute. CPC Designs is my new go-to for children's gifts. I am happy to hear they will be doing things for boys soon too. Yay!