Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Lots of Happy Birthdays! This summer, we are celebrating so many birthdays for 6 year old boys. A friend recently asked for my list of favorite gifts for this age group. Here they are:

For the Scientist: This Moon in My Room is a big hit in our house and with friends. The shining moon can act as a nightlight and allows the boys to adjust the lunar phases by remote.

For the Athlete: Try this street hockey set or, for a more generous gift, the youth football uniforms (these were on the top of our birthday list).

For the Builder: You can never have enough Legos even if Mom may think so. Another great alternative are these motorized Erector Sets.

For the Artist: Go crazy decorating these Calafant cardboard pirate fortress or our all-time favorite shrinky dinks.

For the Star Wars Fan: The slight obsession with Star Wars seems to start around this age. These Star Wars t-shirts and Star Wars beginner books are great options (and, Star Wars Legos too).

For the Reader: The Magic Tree House series is the most popular book within our circle of 6 year old boys.

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