Friday, August 21, 2009

A Family Pie Party

My aunt and cousins have hosted several family Pie Parties that are always a big hit.  (Almost an annual tradition, but had to skip this year.)  Simply put, each family brings a pie to share and be judged.  There is a whole lot that I love about this party.   It is a wonderful family party that children, of all ages, and adults enjoy and can be involved.  And who says you could not simplify it a bit and create a similar children's birthday party.  

One of my favorite Pie Party invitations. (They adore dogs and have a lot of them, hence the dog theme!)

What do I love?  It starts with the handmade, watercolor invitations.  Each family member paints a different invitation, then they color copy to send to guests.  Everyone can get involved and the end result is a very thoughtful invitation.

Another hand painted invitation.

Each family, of course, brings their own pie to the party.  Again, an opportunity with your children to decide what to make, then to actually make it, and all with the anticipation of showing off at the party.  In the past, there have been official judges who selected the winners as well as voting by the guests.  (I think it would be fun to have an old fashioned cake walk (with pies) where a family selects a pie to take home.  A favorite of mine when I was young.) 

A table of pies!  The different invites were decor, as show here and in vases of flowers on tables. 

After all have enjoyed the pies, awards are given for the "best tasting",  "most original" and even "needs improvement."  

  Handmade awards, created out of felt.  Put the kids in charge, they will love it.  

I am so inspired by all aspects of this party.  You can determine how much time and creativity you put into the party, whether as hostess or guest.  It is sure to be good time with the children, family and friends.

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