Friday, September 18, 2009

DIY Halloween

When I was in grade school, my friends and I would come up with a theme and make our own costumes—a vegetable garden and the solar system are the ones I remember. For my kids, I have succumbed to the ease of buying out-of-a-package costumes justifying it by adding my own touches like a garland headband made after a trip to Michael's. But the Russian Barbie Princess and Rosetta (pink Tinkerbell who?) last year were the wake up girls AND I could be so much more creative! This year, they are as excited about creating their costumes. And that is the fun of Halloween, take an idea and make it all your own. Here is some of my inspiration for this year!

Cookie arrived the day after I had bought costumes last year with this feature! I saved it as inspiration for this year....I love the mom-and-dad costumes for kids too. Also check out Cookie's Halloween no-sew cheat sheet.

From the latest Martha Stewart Halloween, they have a how-to for this hair style. I like this but LOVE the beekeeper costume belowadapt it for a child!

White shirt and white or khaki pants from child's closet, white utility gloves with yellow padding, 1" and 1 3/4" bees at Floral Trims, Black tulle at Mood, Straw hat at Pearl River, Pail at Jamali Garden. There is a how-to for this in the magazine, but make it how you and your child like!

Our vegetable garden circa 1986.
With the tomato, carrot, and pumpkin, I am the ear of corn. There was a whole cardboard and green tissue paper contraption for the husk. Definitely homemade!

If you are just not up for the DIY Halloween, here are some of my favorite sites for costumes:Beastly Buddies, Fairytale Fashion, and Old Navy.

Have a great weekend!

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