Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School Taste Test

Is it ok to admit that I really enjoy shopping at Whole Foods with my boys? I found myself incredibly inspired for back to school after a recent visit. The Revolution Food Lunch Box happened to be outside with all kinds of samples of their organic lunchbox snacks and sandwich builders. We had a heyday tasting their products from the Mashups (squeezable 100% organic fruit) to the Jammy Sammys (PB & strawberry in a whole grain bar, other flavors too) to the Popalongs (whole grain snack or chip of sort). The goal is what they refer to as "Lunchbox Simplicity" which, in their words, means "simple for parents to pack, simple for kids to eat and a simple way to maintain a healthy diet." I like the mission and the boys loved the food. Revolution Food is sold at Whole Foods, Toys R Us and online at Amazon.

With that mindset, our taste testing carried on. (It was dinner time.) The kids and I found several other items that met the bar of heathy, yummy and easy to pack in a lunchbox. Here is a sampling of our favorites:

GoGo Squeez. 100% squeezable applesauce, in 5 flavors. No mess, no added sugar. Boys tried, and loved, the apple and apple cinnamon.

Honest Kids organic thirst quenchers, available in 3 flavors. Low sugar claiming to have half the sugar of most kids' drinks. Kids thought they tasted great.

Gnu bars with 12 grams of fiber! And taste really good. We love the cinnamon raison and banana walnut bars.

ProBugs by Lifeway is a line of organic whole milk kefir for kids. Live cultures boost immune and digestive systems in kids. Yummy too!

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