Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day

If your house is anything like mine, making Valentine's is a whirlwind of construction paper, glitter glue and a slew of crossed out names because that "b" was supposed to be a "d." Every year I say I am going to prep before we start, but will I really ever do this!? I loved this idea from Inchmark, one of the most inspiring blogs. I thought why not try it out. It was easy and the girls I feel like were more involved in the process than they ever have been...with an end result that they are so proud of.

The inspiration...
I am kind of embarrassed to show you ours when they stand next to these!

Our version....

My learnings:
- The girls had so much fun filling up the match boxes with candy. Cut out the paper to wrap the matchboxes while they do that.
- I didn't have double-sided tape so just wrapped them and taped them at the back with normal clear tape, worked just fine.
- We printed some of Inchmark's patterned paper but the pink and orange printed out light yellow so we just had the red (which printed out so nicely). If someone cuts outside the lines, don't throw it out, cut it up into little hearts.
- We got candy hearts which fit 6-7 in each, so if you want to put more, I would get m&ms. I am of the mindset they are getting a lot of candy anyway so the hearts are just fine too.

And on tada! shop, make sure to check out our list of reds, pinks and hearts we are loving for kids this Valentine's Day!

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