Tuesday, May 4, 2010

celebrating moms on tada!

We are fortunate enough to work with an impressive and diverse group of designers, store owners, writers and artists at tada! shop. Without a doubt, it is a highlight of our day. Not only are most highly talented and creative women, they are moms. We love that each is successful and with a rich and interesting family life. In celebration of mothers’ day, we share the stories of each of these woman, and mothers, who have been guest editors on tada! shop.

Meet these moms, hear what inspires them and shop their picks on tada! shop. We appreciate you as moms and your friendship with tada! shop. Enjoy.

Jess Brown, design of Jess Brown Dolls and mom.

Adrienne Catrina, designer and owner of Neige and mother of a son and daughter.

Jenny Cooper, designer of Crewcuts by J.Crew and mother of two sons.

Marta Dansie, author of m.writes and mom of one son.

Stacey Fraser, designer and owner of Pink Chicken and mom of two girls.

Maryellen Kane, designer and founder of Olive Juice and mom.

Kayce Hughes, designer and owner of Kayce Hughes and mom of seven.

Lisa McLean, designer and owner of Bella Bliss and mother of three.

Suann Song, stationer and author of Simplesong and mom of one son.

Bronagh Staley, owner of Sweet William in Brooklyn and mom of one son.

Christine Visneau, co-editor Small Magazine and designer of Baby Bean Vintage. Mother of two girls.

Tara Mandy, founder of Strollertraffic and mom of one girl (and expecting soon).

Amy Williams, founder of Peek...Aren't You Curious and mother of five.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Kayce Hughes is such a nice lady, I sent her an e-mail after I read the article in Country Living and I said I'd love to hear all the boring details of how she started. Well, suprise... she sent me her phone number! I got to hear all those details and I loved it! I love hearing how women start their business. So I'm really going to enjoy digging through this blog.
    I'm a mom to 5 and I make Lollibags for mom's and little Lolli's for daughters.

  2. Prudence, thanks so much for your comment! We feel the same about your blog. Make sure to check out our site http://www.tadashop.com for children's shopping!

  3. love the mom pics...so pure...