Sunday, June 27, 2010

Julia Samersova, Planet Awesome Kid

We love The Sartorialist's photos and wish he would do more kids, so we were so excited to find Planet Awesome Kid who tracks...well...childrens' street style! We met up with Julia Samersova, a founder of Planet Awesome Kid, to hear more on what they look for in a look. "Anything can make an outfit, a hat, a scarf, a scooter, a sticker, a ball, a musical instrument, a hairstyle, a barrette, a pin, a smile.
Planet Awesome Kid is not about pristine perfectly matched, but rather self expression at its best. Our Q&A with Julia...

1. What do you look for when photographing children? What makes the outfits stand out?
Organic Chemistry! I just know it when I see it! It can be a child's energy or the way they put something together that an adult would never even dream of! It is so awesome to find and endlessly inspiring!

2. What combinations have you seen on the street that has caught your eye?
I love a mix of patterns, fabrics, femme with tomboy, playing with proportions! I saw a girl at the park last week rocking the coolest faux hawk made out of her own braids and rocking the coolest neon yellow t-shirt and a floral skirt. It just made me stop in my tracks. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera that day.

Also, I am really into 1990's baggy jeans on girls right now, so cool after years of skinny jeans! Also, love a neutral, 80's Japanese Designer inspired look on a kid. Maybe a black asymmetrical skirt and cool black turtleneck for this Fall. It comes down to personal choices.

3. Is there one item you see on the street that parents must have in their kids wardrobe, or should splurge on as it can be worn a million different ways?
You must have GREAT outerwear! Blazers (for girls & boys), you can rock it with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts. It’s timeless, yet so cool! I would splurge on a good blazer! Love when the sleeves are rolled up, Miami Vice-style :)

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