Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.  Our Father's Day consisted of a lot of golf.  In honor of the sport so many fathers love, here are some good options for kids golf clubs.  For beginning golfers, we like the US Kids 5 piece set (see below) and Calloway X Junior 6 piece set.   My husband (the golfer) does not believe one needs to go crazy investing in clubs at this beginner stage.  

U.S. Kids Golf 5 Club Set at The World of Golf $139.95.  For beginner and intermediate golfers.  

And for the littlest one in the house, here is a perfect golf set for toddlers.  It can occupy a lot of time at the beach too. 

Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Hit Golf at Amazon starting at $20.  

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