Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brooklyn's Sweet William

Holly and I were over in Brooklyn and stopped into the children's store, Sweet WilliamAfter walking in, I was not surprised to find out it is owned by a former Cookie magazine fashion market editor, Brónagh Staley. The store is beautiful and the type-A person in me just wanted to move in—as it is so organized and clean. But that is not to say it is sparse by any means. Designed by Brónagh's husband, Peter Staley, there is this incredible juxtaposition of the beautiful birch walls and distressed wood tables (he made) to the softness of the stuffed animals, dolls and accessories, and all of the clothing. Each item that we picked up was more special than the next, as they carefully select the lines they carry all from independent designers and made from predominantly organic materials. Bronagh was kind enough to share with me some of her favorite pieces—they each are so unique, the photographs do not do them justice! 

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