Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jump In and Have Some Fun

Everyone seems to love buying clothes for girls.  There is so much to choose from and one item seems cuter than the next.  Boys are another story.  For many mothers, boys' clothing options seem limited or perhaps it just does not matter ... they are boys.  

To all you boy mothers, I say have some fun dressing them.  They are children.  Throw in a few "crazier" items to mix it up and allow your boys to express themselves.  Bathing suits are one of the most fun and "low risk" clothing items to have some fun.   My favorites are below - my boys like #1 the best (they look like sharks)!

1. Patagonia Kids' Baggies Shorts Trout Tales $29.  2.  Papo d'Anjo Boys' Traditional Swim Trunk Light Blue and Navy Flowered $79.  3. Mini Boden Boys' Bathers Sky Crabs $24.  4. Vilebrequin Trunks at Poppy Store Pink Dots $115.  5. Lilly Pulitzer Jr. Capri Trunk Multi Juicestand Patch $60. 

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