Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Children's Artwork on Display

It is that time of year, the end of another school year.  Every mother I know struggles with the question of what to do with her children's special artwork and papers?  We want to (have to) keep a lot of it.

I absolutely love the jan eleni collage.   They collect, edit and apparently create quite a stunning collage of your children's artwork. The originals are all returned in an archival box.  I am exploring currently for myself.
Email or call 212-925-0581.  Price varies depending upon size of frame.    

I have long aspired to create a photo book of our children's artwork.   I recently read about artimus art that offers packages to digitize your children's artwork, create an online art gallery and print a custom photo book.  If the packages are a bit pricey, you can always take on a DIY project to scan yourself and create a book on Shutterfly or Flickr.      

artimus art packages, starting at $120 (The Red Wagon package).  

If you are looking for something a little simpler or just different, see these articles on art storage and display ideas on and Cookie Magazine.  Are we inspired to get started?

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