Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swaddle, Toddle and Bump

In summer months, I am traveling on I-95 to New England a lot. With three young children, I am in need of a stop longer than a quick bathroom break and I have found Westport, CT as a great solution. There is walkable downtown for the kids, lots of quick-bite restaurants and I get to check outvery quickly!some of my favorite home shops: Dovecote, Bungalow and HB Home. Last year, I discovered Swaddle, Toddle and Bump that has made the stopover there even more worth my while. 

The owners, Alisha Gorder and Amy Young, conceived the store on the basis that when shopping with small children it's hard to focus on anything. When designing their space, they took this into consideration and have created a shopping experience that is enjoyable for both parents and children. From the extra-wide door (to accommodate double strollers) to the play cubes (pictured above) to the nursing nook to the fully-stocked changing room, the store makes it easy to focus on what you are looking for and also easily enables you to discover products you might never have had time to see. The merchandise—clothing, toys, decoris exceptional and I walked out with three receipts as each time I went to leave, I found something else that was just too good not to get. And the beauty of it all wasas I was shopping, my girls were so happy in the cubes that I had to tell them it was "time to go." 

Swaddle, Toddle and Bump, 125 Post Road East, Westport, CT, (203) 557-0509.

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