Monday, August 24, 2009

Teepee Joy

Our sons spent plenty of quality time playing in their cousins' teepee during our vacation. Not only was the teepee fun (chasing away a wooly mammoth, hum), but also stunning. By Rattlesnake Crossing, the tents are made to order and hand painted with great detail. The owner considers them a work of art, and I agree. That said, I find the teepees surprisingly durable after time outdoors and very reasonably priced.

Rattlesnake Crossing teepee. Small teepee $99; Large teepee $119.
Call 302-588-2644 or email to order.

Another Rattlesnake Crossing teepee.

My recent teepee enthusiasm led to a little research to see what other special teepees are out in the market. I found this Vessel Hippie Tipi on the Cookie Magazine Nesting blog. I love the colors!

Vessel Hippie Tipi $199. Available in three color ways.

And this indoor teepee on made with vintage appliqued floral and bird motifs.

I have seen a lot of wonderful teepees, but I have had as much fun looking at photos of the inside of teepees. This is where all the action or make believe happens for our children, right? Look at these wonderful photos found on ohdeedoh.

Very comfy quilt, a little light...and the rope ladder, no doubt, helps set the tone. See post on ohdeedoh.

The simplicity and sheepskin are heavenly. See post on ohdeedoh.

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  1. i have the teepee from odeedah in my girls room. love the idea of a sheepskin! ordering this one today (in white!):