Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shopping at Nonchalant Mom

I definitely went into overdrive the second I walked into Nonchalant Mom's store as the boxes for fall were in the process of being opened. The owner Carina was so welcoming. By the end I was like a guest who had overstayed her welcome as I could have hung out there for hours more. The merchandise is so unique and it was fun to poke around...but really what I wanted most was some of it for me! How excited was I when Carina opened the box from Makie who has just added womenswear or showed me some women's tees from Lucky Fish?!?! And to top it off she brought out a new jewelry line from Los Angeles designer Nikki B. I didn't think Nonchalant Mom could get any better than it was, but it did!

One for for YOU!

FOR HER: Bellerose Anika Dress $96 now $52.
(I bought this for my oldest and it might be my favorite piece of girls clothing ever. The amethyst color and detailing are beyond!)

And a few of my favorites from the Nikki B jewelry! The pieces are so beautifully subtle and yet make a statement at the same time (you just have to see them!).

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