Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kick Scooters

Another fan of the Mini Kick

My (almost) 3-year old nephew has been on his Mini Kick scooter non-stop this week.  Mom raves about the Mini Kick; Dad wants to buy the older Maxi Kick; and the little guy rides around with such gusto who could doubt that he does not just love this scooter.  I am very familiar with and like Razor Scooters as a customer.  I only recently became aware of Kick scooters and am intrigued!  The two selling points for a Kick: great for a child's balance and an exceptionally smooth ride.  The unique "lean and steer" design allows children to use their body movement to steer their scooter (the result: feels like a surfboard and requires a lot of balance).  I would love to hear from anyone who has a Mini Kick or Maxi Kick - what do you think? 

Kickboard Mini Kick (ages 3-5) $74.99

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