Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Family Showing by Darcy Miller Nussbaum

I had one of those incredible experiences yesterday afternoon. I attended Family, a showing by Darcy Miller Nussbaum "celebrating the moments and memories that contribute to the sensibility of family life." Darcy is the Weddings Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Living, a friend and former colleague of mine. The creativity and thought that went into every aspect of the showing was positively overwhelming. I circled the gallery absorbing the experience, each little bit. The walls displayed aspects of Darcy's family life, from her girls' artwork to personal pieces in shadow boxes celebrating daily life to those special occasions. Her amazing scrapbooks and personal diaries were organized by travel, wedding and celebration. Known for her illustrations, Darcy was doing custom drawings for families. You can visit Darcy's website to learn more, be certain to watch this slideshow of the showing. I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

The Brown Boys and Mom (Me) by Darcy Miller Nussbaum. She did custom illustrations at the Family show, which were framed next to a photo of your family (by Donna Newman) with your name in calligraphy (by Bernard Maisner).

A Family map of the showing. A work of art itself. These details were evident everywhere, and a reminder to me that details make a real difference.

A display of her daughter's 5th birthday celebration. Look closely at the invitation, lollipop and cut-outs all with Darcy's illustrations. Tissue paper dots add a festive touch to the shadow box.

Walls celebrated family life. Don't you love how she organized the girls' sunglasses with the photo?

Words cannot begin to capture Darcy's scrapbooks and diaries. Here is one from Paris with photos, drawings and memorable notes.

Darcy's illustrations were everywhere, making the Family showing extra special. Each guest received a box of chocolates decorated with a drawing. This mantle at the entrance was lined with the boxes for an impressive first impression.

The food was yummy with all the kids' favorites. This tray of mini grilled cheese sandwiches was decorated with laminated Darcy's family illustrations.

The showing was impressive, clearly. As much, it was wonderful to see a friend put her talent to work and so successfully pull off this Family showing. Lets celebrate family and Darcy!


  1. Thanks for a great post! I am such a fan of Darcy Miller, this would have been a dream to attend. Love to celebrate talented moms :)

  2. I just love your scrap Boxes. I have been scrapping for years and yes I have done shadow boxes but nothing compare to yours. You bring such a fun and family touch to everything.

  3. I think these are the most clever things I have ever seen! I saw her on Martha with these and I ran out and got the February issue so I could get a closer look. I am so jealous...I would have loved to go to the showing! :) I need to make some of these! I am a huge fan of hers...she is so creative & talented...but hey, you already knew that! :)Marybeth

  4. these pieces are the sweetest things. darcy miller is so amazingly talented. thx for sharing!