Sunday, October 11, 2009

Memorable Childhood Meals

I had one of those childhood best friends where we spent each Friday and Saturday night together. Her mother was a wonderful, relaxed cook. Those meals (and desserts) are a fond childhood memory of mine that i still hang on to today. For our wedding, her mother gave us a book with all the recipes that i grew up eating at her house. What a thoughtful, lasting gift. Each recipe brings back memories that make me smile, from the smells to sitting at the small marble table in her kitchen. Here are some of my favorites for you. More than anything, remember that your cooking can have lasting memories.

Corn Pudding. I grew up on this Southern favorite. Clearly, the recipe is getting a lot of use. My children love it too.

Apple Crisp. She seemed to always whip up an apple crisp. Perfect for this time of year.

Waffles. I still remember my friend's waffle iron. I make these waffles all the time, easy. I like to substitute with whole wheat flour.

Lacy Cookies. These Lacy cookies were a favorite during the holidays.

Cheese Souffle. I ate cheese souffle all the time growing up. Can you believe it? I remember eating it cold the day after, as much as warm. We always ate it with asparagus. (I know this recipe is nearly ineligible, but i had to include a mention of cheese souffle.)

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