Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Trico Field Look

We had heard about Trico Field, a Japanese-designed kids clothing store, and stopped in to take a peek. With locations in NYC and Los Angeles, their products are quite exceptional for both girls and boys. Their layering is what got us most excited! Mixing textures, one on top of another, the fabrics and the design detail are notable. All this said, it is not too surprising that it comes with a high price tag. Whether you buy the look at Trico Field or take it as inspiration and recreate yourself, start experimenting with layering!

Interior of NYC store. Beautiful.
65 West Houston Street

Hadley: Prairie skirt paired with the everyday athletic. It works.
Holly: The layering, of even very basic pieces, adds a lot of personality for a boy. I love it.

Hadley: (outfit 1) An unexpected combo of the laced-edged tee, sweatshirt, military-inspired jacket topped with a Navajo-print scarf and fur-trimmed hat. (outfit 2) Hand-knit scarf, plaid dress, chunkier knit multi-colored tights paired with a very delicate lace-trimmed tee under it all. Wow.
Holly: A colorful oxford (flannel, I believe), wrapped around the waste, pulls this look together with the sporty tee.

Look how they take something as simple as a sweatshirt, and then add the homemade knitted touch. Result is a more interesting and a bit dressier piece. Original.

More interesting layers. Look at how they layer the opposite of what I feel is typically. The tees over the oxford, rather than under. A great sporty look.

Hadley: This was my favorite girls' look. Take a gingham dress, add a chunky knit vest (this one is exceptional with wooden leaf buttons) and jeans. Scarf is such a nice touch, but I just don't see my 7-year-old going for it!
Holly: Triple layers on top mixed with patched jeans.

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