Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All About Madras

There is a lot of madras out this season.  Until now, I have been on the fence as to how I feel about madras.  Too preppy?  Well, I am officially a fan after seeing enough boys that look great in madras.  I prefer to mix it with a more casual (or rugged) t-shirt and flip flops.  

For shorts, I love those below from Vineyard Vines.  Gap has a nice pair of madras shorts for a good price.  

Boys' Madras Club Shorts at Vineyard Vines $69.50 to $75.00.

J.Crew  has an excellent selection of madras, of which most is currently on sale.  This J.Crew blazer would be really fun for a young boy.

  Boys Pacific Patchwork Madras Blazer at J.Crew $135 now $49.99.

And, this Lacoste madras shirt would look great with shorts or jeans - or dressed up for a special occasion. 

Boy's Short Sleeve Madras Plaid Shirt at Lacoste $80, now $47.99. 

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