Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog Watch: Inchmark

Hadley and I recently discovered the blog, inchmark, and ever since, have been consumed reading. The posts are creative, original and incredibly thoughtful. The author, Brooke Reynolds, is a mother of two and former art director for Martha Stewart Kids. One post is better than the next. So much so that we decided to focus on inchmark and have selected five favorite posts. A first for us, so enjoy.

Cousin Boxes for Halloween. Brooke sends surprises to cousins across the country. Look at this festive box of Halloween treats. So thoughtful. (Look at what she does with all her children's Halloween candy.)

And So It Begins. Hadley and I adore these photos of her children with signs capturing the start of the new school year. To remember for next year, a birthday or other important day.

Rocket Ship Party. Treat yourself and take the time to look through the parties. The detail, the thought ... Ahhh.

This Week's Library Book. Brooke regularly posts on children's books. Cute.

Magical Thinking. A jar of funny quotes by her children over time. I do something very similar, but not quite so pretty!

Thomas Turns Four. "Children really appreciate a homemade card especially one that involves a lot of candy. And some money." She is spot on here, particularly for my children. Simple and so cute.

So, I included six posts. I could not resist.

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